Basic Facts
   Total Systems Resources (TSR) based in Salt Lake City, Utah was a pioneer in producing one of the first PC DOS-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software programs back in 1986. Later in 1996, TSR's engineer and programmers began upgrading the Advantage program from a DOS Operating System to a Windows Operating System.   However, in 2007, Wayne Wiscomb, the founder and chairman entered semi-retirement and TSR ceased marketing the Advantage software. The company then limited its business activity to a few software component modifications. The Advantage program runs on Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2K/ XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 operating systems.

NOTE:  If you are interested in purchasing the software source code, we first suggest you read and study the web pages that illustrate the Advantage features and its unique components.   You should also click on the Demo Video link to watch the Software Tutorial Video.
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    In the first few years, TSR's only PC based competitor was Wonderware, which was located in California, and the founders began developing their PC based SCADA system in 1987. The company then reincorporated in Delaware in 1993. Wonderware was the first to introduce a SCADA software program designed to run on Microsoft's Windows operating system.  In 1998, Siebe plc acquired Wonderware for $375 million dollars. It then merged with BTR plc to form the British company called Invensys plc.   Then in January 2014, Schneider Electric bought Invensys, which owned the Wonderware SCADA software.
   Over the past decade, national and international companies have acquired a number of remote monitoring and process control software programs for tens of millions of dollars. The value of these software programs is due to a growing industrial demand and the extensive number of hours required in developing the software systems.    From the time TSR first developed its Advantage SCADA software running on a DOS PC platform to the time it upgraded Advantage to run on Windows, thousands of hours were spent writing the code and performing systems integration work and analysis.   However, TSR is willing to sell their Advantage SCADA Source Code for $5 million dollars or best offer.

Below is a sample list of TSR's customers who purchased the Advantage software back in the 1990's.
Principal Sales Agent
TRI-COM Enterprices, Inc.
Cedar City, Utah
Phone: 435-238-7735
Corporate Offices
Total Systems Resources
Salt Lake city, Utah
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