Advantage Software Video Demonstration

Advantage Unique Features
  • Online editing
  • Integrated data logging and reporting
  • Online testing and emulation
  • Database entry wildcards
  • Global color animation strategies
  • Hot online backup

  • Unlimited test pages
  • Unlimited tags on a test page
  • Powerful "related tag tree" tool
  • Real-time tag value display
  • "On-page" tag value/mode/attributes editing functionality

  • The video is in two Parts:  Part I is an Introduction describing the special features included within the Avantage software program.  Part II is a detailed Tutorial on how to use the Advantage system.
    Advantage Standard Features

  • Intuitive graphical screens editor
  • Unlimited number of screens
  • Simple tag management
  • Real-world & Virtual I/O tag support
  • Historical and real-time data trending
  • Tri-level alarm indication
  • Remote alarm notification
  • Multi-level user security
  • On demand report generation
  • Control strategy "Test Page"
  • Principal Sales Agent
    TRI-COM Enterprices, Inc.
    Cedar City, Utah
    Phone: 435-238-7735
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