Advantage Unique Features
  • Online editing
  • Integrated data logging and reporting
  • Online testing and emulation
  • Database entry wildcards
  • Global color animation strategies
  • Hot online backup

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    List of hardware manufacturers tested using Advantage.
       Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software (SCADA), also revered to as Process Control software, is extremely important for any industry or public utility facility requiring monitoring and large-scale process control capability.

    Several examples of the types of facilities and industries supported include:
  • Water / wastewater treatment and distribution plants.
  • Power generation and distribution plants.
  • Manufacturers, production, and fabricating plants.
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Oil and gas pipeline distribution, and refining.
  • Food processing, wind farms, and space stations.
  • Building facilities that require monitoring and process control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and energy consumption.
  •    Today, there are new, emerging industry groups requiring Process Control capabilities, such as light-rail, home security monitoring, commercial aquaponics farms, and more.

       The Advantage SCADA system is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that allows an operator at a personal computer to monitor, control, and record a variety of process parameters, such as flows, pressures, tank levels, loads, temperature, emissions, and equipment status (running, stopped, failure, and the mode)
    A SCADA system generally consists of the following subsystems:
  • Remote terminal units (RTUs) connect to sensors in the process and convert sensor signals to digital data.
  • Programmable logic controller (PLCs) connect to sensors in the process and converting sensor signals to digital data.
  • A telemetry system is typically used to connect PLCs and RTUs with control centers and the Human Machine Interface (HMI) software, and an operator at a computer.
  • Advantage Standard Features
  • Intuitive graphical screens editor
  • Unlimited number of screens
  • Simple tag management
  • Real-world & Virtual I/O tag support
  • Historical and real-time data trending
  • Tri-level alarm indication
  • Remote alarm notification
  • Multi-level user security
  • On demand report generation
  • Control strategy "Test Page"

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