Advantage Unique Features
  • Online editing
  • Integrated data logging and reporting
  • Online testing and emulation
  • Database entry wildcards
  • Global color animation strategies
  • Hot online backup

  • Unlimited test pages
  • Unlimited tags on a test page
  • Powerful "related tag tree" tool
  • Real-time tag value display
  • "On-page" tag value / mode / attributes editing functionality

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        Click on the button link above to access the Source Code Purchase Form within a separate window. Next, fill in the blanks within the form by using your keyboard.  Before clicking on the submit button, we suggest that you print the form to retain a copy.
    Limited database versions of the software are not limited as to functionality.
    Support of more than 6 remote operator terminals can be provided.
    All Full Database versions include the Software Toolbox Symbol Factory graphics library with more than 4000 icons.
    Several communication "drivers" are available. However, new custom drivers may have to be written to support specific PLC & RTU devices. and the latest PC operating sytems.
    ADVANTAGE supports ODBC compliant software, and provides TCP/IP resource for terminals over networks.
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